What To Do When You Hit a Language Learning Block

What To Do When You Hit a Language Learning Block

What To Do When You Hit a Language Learning Block


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Whether you are studying Spanish, French, Italian or Japanese – the lull of motivation is universal. At Acquire Language- we get it. Every now and then, there comes a time when you need to get out of the classroom, pull your head out of the textbooks and put your pen down. For when those moments arise, we compiled a handy list of things you can do to renew your energy and refresh your motivation for learning a language.

1. Attend a couple cultural events

If things are getting stale in the motivation department, why not take a small break from pouring over the books, and relax with some French wine tasting? Kick back and get to know some of your fellow classmates. Sure, you can try chatting away in your new language, or you can you just relax and enjoy the culture therapy. With cultural events being held every few weeks at Acquire Language, you can pop in, hang out make some friends, or even bring your own friends to enjoy the culture with you.

2. Relax with a French movie, Japanese anime, or Spanish drama


Okay, so it doesn’t have to be specifically one of these, but by putting on some kind of media in your chosen language, it’s a sneaky relaxed sort of way to “learn” and pulls your head out of the books for a little while. You may not understand everything perfectly, and subtitles may be required. But this is the perfect way to refocus yourself back on your goals: it won’t be long before you can watch this entire movie and understand every word, nuance and plot twist!

3. Head back in time


For the perfect dose of perspective – pull out your books from the first week of classes at Acquire. Whatever chicken-scratch scribble you had written down back then will serve as the perfect reminder of how far you have come. Look at the words that you were writing down and remember how confusing they seemed at the time- they probably seem a whole lot easier now huh?

4. Reward yourself


You’ve got this far, and that is something. By enrolling in a course at Acquire Language, we understand that this is often the hardest part- committing to the decision. And hopefully, we’ve helped make the process thus far interesting dynamic and as fun as possible. But while you’re in a slump, make sure to reward yourself for working so hard thus far. Get some new stationary or treat yourself to a meal out at a new Teppanyaki place in town.

5. Use a support network


By support network, we mean us. The teachers and tutors at Acquire Language get it.We’ve been where you are, we’ve studied and struggled and learnt and struggled some more. We’ve lost motivation and gained it again, and definitely couldn’t have done it without an immense amount of help. And now we’re here to help. So, let us be your language mentors and help wherever you need it. No question is silly, no mistake is too embarrassing. We’re always here to help out.

Quit Your Excuses!

If you’re suffering with a bit of language motivation, come in and see us today. We’re here to help, because we’ve experienced it all before. We can’t wait to meet you!



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