Our story

Our Brisbane-born Love Of Languages

Once upon a time, Acquire Language tutors were just a group of friends who studied, taught and interpreted languages. In short, we were a team of language nerds.


Over just a few years, our small club of language lovers has grown into a huge team of all-Australian language tutors who share a fresh take on language learning. As native English speakers, we have been where you are right now. We have studied, struggled, traveled, and struggled some more, but we have always thrown ourselves into our love for language learning.


We understand what you want from your language tutors. We’ve made the mistakes and we have done the hard work for you.


Most importantly, our team of language tutors can show you how to get the most efficient and effective results in order to get you fluent, fast.

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Acquire Language is a team of Brisbane based Language tutors in Spanish, French, Italian, English and Japanese. We travel to students homes or workplaces. Trained, qualified and experienced

Our Training Quality

At Acquire Language, we have extensive training and ongoing education processes.

As part of our hiring process, we require:

  • Identity & reference checks
  • Teaching & academic credential checks
  • Working With Children check
  • Criminal history check

Our Commitment to Quality

After these checks have been conducted and passed, our language tutors then attend regular training sessions throughout their employment. As a team of language tutors at Acquire Language, we believe in on-going education, even for ourselves.

As part of our commitment to excellent language tuition, we are each learning a new language for ourselves. This is because we believe in committing to a goal, and of reminding ourselves of the challenges to language development.

This means that as tutors, our ongoing training and constant education mean we will always be patient, understanding and compassionate about your journey.

How can our tutors help?

  • Provide individualized attention and personalized lessons
  • Zero upfront costs, no hefty pre-payments
  • Expert teaching with real-world experience and examples
  • No textbook tuition! Real languages from real people
  • Custom-made homework and out-of-class activities
  • School-based students will receive exam preparation, practice exams, and study booklets.
  • Parents will receive in-depth feedback after every session or where requested
  • Experts at filling in “knowledge gaps”
Acquire Language is a team of Brisbane based Language tutors in Spanish, French, Italian, English and Japanese. We travel to students homes or workplaces. Trained, qualified and experienced

Our Team

Get to know just a few members of our core team


With over 10 years experience in learning, teaching, and interpreting Japanese, and another 5 languages under her belt, Aimee has the experience in learning languages that can help you excel.

Aimee Hill
Japanese Tutor

With a Spanish mother, Nicholas grew up speaking Spanish at home. Later, he began teaching Spanish to local corporations looking to do business in Spain. After 4 years travelling the world interpreting English, Spanish, Italian and French, he has joined our team to share his experience.

Nicolas Franks
Spanish tutor

Tom picked up French at the age of 15, when he realised it was his favourite school subject. By the time he had turned 22, Tom has travelled to France 9 times, and was teaching French at his local high school. 3 years later, Tom is a huge part of our team teaching French and Italian.

French and Italian tutor

Sophie has worked with Acquire for 3 years. Sophie studied Spanish and Italian since she was 17. After 10 years of working in a restaurant in Rome, Sophie is here to share her love of culture and language with Brisbane.

Spanish and Italian tutor
Spanish and English Tutor
Japanese and English Tutor

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