About Us

About Us

The Start Of Something Incredible


“How did Acquire Language Come About?”


Good question. Circa 2017,  a group of avid language tutors came together over a very millennial avo and toast to discuss the lack of available language learning resources in Brisbane. After spending over a decade each cultivating their languages and involving themselves in various parts of the Brisbane community, they were hearing the same thing over and over again. We – Brisbanites – wanted to use our language. We wanted to talk, to mingle, and we wanted to meet like-minded people. Our team realised that language learning is all about communication, after all, the entire purpose of learning a language is to be communicating with new people, near and far.

So, we asked ourselves, why does it have to be so difficult? Why are language fanatics Brisbane-wide hiding behind textbooks, struggling through boring night classes, and going through the whole tricky process completely alone?

Acquire Language was, therefore, the love child of everything that could have made the process easier for our own learning. We teamed together dedicated support and extensive training. That’s how we are truly capable of proving the best possible education. With each and every “ah, wouldn’t that have been fantastic?” we committed ourselves to provide it the exact way we had wanted.

We took our on-the-ground teaching experience and our own trials and tribulations of the learning experience, and with one clear goal in mind: “make language learning simple”, we created something incredible.

Two years of creative thinking, planning, building, and late-night brainstorming later, we bring to you: Acquire Language.

As part of our vision, we have created Brisbane’s only language community.
Each week, we offer;

• In-Home Language tuition
Brought directly to your door. We don’t want to create hassle. Can’t find parking? No problems – we’ll come to you! Don’t wait to get out of your pyjamas? No problems – we’ll come to you! Wan’t to stay curled up on the couch with a hot chocolate while you learn Spanish? No probl… (okay, you get it)
• Culture events:
If you want to sit around on a Sunday afternoon, sipping wine and chatting in French, then we’ve got the perfect weekend plans for you.
• Membership based community:
Pay for what you want and use. Simply put, you can scale up and down accordingly, therefore, rest assured you are getting a completely tailored package.

The best part? There is so, so much more – including our beautiful teachers, who dedicate themselves to helping you receive the best advice and attention possible.

Come along to one of our information nights! The dates are released on our Instagram and Facebook, or give us a call on 0401885025 to discuss your possibilities!


To enroll now, see our memberships and courses here!


Acquire Language

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