So, you’ve poured over some reading materials in your chosen language, you’ve written until your hands hurt, and you’ve watched a stack of foreign movies. Now you’re stopping in the street after over-hearing a stranger speaking Italian, wondering if it would be weird to stop and chat with them.

In order to stop you from pestering strangers, we compiled a list of ways to practice speaking that we used in our learning experience.



  1. Ask yourself “why” questions.


“Why do I study this language?” “Why do I like avocado on toast?” “Why am I asking these questions?!” The reason these works so well? It’s simply because you’re going to be answering questions with personal, in-depth, and real answers. You’re going to be forcing yourself to answer questions that you might be faced with in real life. The weirder the better- practice answering the question “why”, and you’ll be prepared for any questions you might get asked.


  1. Use online resources for meeting people.


No- we aren’t talking about popular apps like the one starting with a “t” and ending with “inder’. Specifically, we mean apps that specialize in connecting language learning for the purpose of practice. We love “hello-talk”. They are mostly free to sign up, and they connect you with people all over the world who want to practice and show off their new-found language skills.


  1. Head to a cultural restaurant


This is the place to practice ordering in your new language. Who knows? You might even end up in a fascinating conversation with the wait staff. and if you fail miserably- in the worst-case scenario, you know that the wait staff can still speak English, and you get to emerge yourself in the culture with a plate of pasta!


  1. Attend Acquire Language’s cultural events.


Come along to our open events- with a completely different one hosted every fortnight, we provide the space for like-mindedt likeminded individuals who are experiencing the same difficulties and wins that you are experiencing right now. Our events range from French wine tasting, to Japanese sushi making – meaning we’ve already organised the topic of conversation.


5. Ask for a conversation practice lesson with our tutors!


Well.. what else do you think they are for? Don’t be shy, just ask your tutor to practice having a chat. They’ll really put you through your paces, and best of all, they won’t laugh at your mistakes.


If you’re looking to practice speaking a new language, Acquire has you covered. From our extensive personal tuition experience to our cultural events, we can have you speaking in (almost) no time at all!


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